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"That which enters the Mind, Body, and Spirit, is either creating a full abundant life, or a slow painful death."  ~ Rev. Priestess Kadee Kotter

Rev. Priestess Kadee Kotter

Rev. Priestess Kadee Kotter

Mind-Body Transformational Psychologist
Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner
Holistic Nutrition Specialist
Professional Life Coach
Ordained Since 2003
Author of "Beyond Lies"

I was 15, laying on my deathbed with spinal meningitis. After the doctors told my parents I had a one percent chance to survive on Christmas Eve, my grandfather laid hands on me and prayed to Jesus. I started getting better on Christmas Day! Most survivors live with being blind, deaf, brain damaged, paralyzed, and with loss of limbs. I knew God spared me for a greater purpose. Not feeling welcome at churches, I worked as an independent missionary by faith alone, transforming the lives of thousands  of youth at risk all across our country.


At 25 I found myself married to a man who ends up being just like my father. Constant put downs, arguing, and abuse, no matter how hard I try, I’m feeling I could never be good enough, for anyone. I’m spinning my wheels in this toxic Hell that I thought I had overcome, feeling lost to my purpose in life and that somehow I deserve this. I’m beginning to think that I am the crazy one, so I put my head down to do what I had to do to survive and keep my children with their father...  until, I'm arrested, sitting in a holding cell. FINALLY, I’m realizing how serious my situation is, fearing for my life and the lives of my children, and I have this epiphany… The officer who arrested me was an extension of God’s hand… reaching down into the pit of my personal Hell and plucking me up out of it so I could see from a different perspective. 

Having nowhere to turn for help, I spent the next four months at a DV Shelter in Tucson, AZ. Thoroughly involving myself in their classes, I now knew how to set  healthy boundaries and the red flags to look for in abusers. I knew there was a man out there for me, as God told me I needed him as a foundation in my life so I could fulfill my purpose.

I’m thinking to myself, WOW, what am I going to do with my life? Preparing to take on my future and purpose with a vengeance, I set out on my own and found a full time job. I am a single mom, in the heart of crime infested Tucson, with no one but my children. I got us a place, and decided to go to college so I could have the credibility and knowledge necessary to help me transform God’s calling and purpose for me into a business.

God brought a Combat Medic into our lives who worked in Iraq and Afghanistan until his pelvis was crushed by a vehicle flipping from an IED. We have been working together as servants of God now for over 7 years, and are passionately pursuing our mission to empower Veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responders.

As I was earning my degree, diploma, and certifications, my study was applied to our own lives. Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, Mind-Body Wellness, Holistic Nutrition, and Professional Life Coaching. Both of our lives would never be the same, coming to a deep understanding that “Whatever enters the Mind, Body, and Spirit, is either creating a full abundant life, or a slow painful death.”

When we met he was engulfed in pills, experiencing chronic back pain, migraines, insomnia, and suffering daily with the effects of PTSD. He now lives a full, abundant and pain free, pill free life, and is my inspiration to empower USA’s HEROES!



What Kadee's Clients Are Saying


"I felt like a prisoner in an assisted living facility, and I was only 18. I was afraid of everyone and everything for as long as I could remember. Diagnosed with PTSD and Agoraphobia due to traumatic abuse I was taking several medications. I had been seen by top mental health professionals and admitted several times. After just 3 weeks working with Priestess Kadee, my life was transformed drastically. My case was closed as a miracle and I went to India to work with the deaf as a missionary. I am nearly deaf myself from the abuse I suffered as a child and she helped me turn my curse into a blessing to help others."

~C. Rose


Before my soul retrieval session with Kadee, I felt like I was being strangled by demons in my sleep. My life was crumbling and I felt so alone. Everyone thought I was crazy. Since then I've been able to sleep and I understand the spiritual war for my mind, body and soul. I am now at peace and have a new passion for life as I walk with Jesus in my heart.

Melissa 3/12/18


I grew up the son of a Pentecostal missionary. Attended the Assembly of God church, and was surrounded by the most un-God like people I have ever known. My relationship with my Lord blossomed on the battlefield, alone, with only my combat team beside me. Church is in your heart. And thank you Kadee, for understanding what I mean.

~Chris Hart, Msgt. US Army, 21 years,
508th Special Troops, 82nd Airborne, MWD Handler
forever and always 



"I was drowning in a downward dark spiral of PTSD before I met Kadee. Through some serious troubles, struggles and tears she helped me reconnect with myself, God, and my fellow human  beings. Now I am on a new mission, with a light brighter than ever."

~Iraq & Afghanistan Combat Medic


Hard to believe after living like I did since 2012 that overnight I'd be on the path I prayed for. That brief moment with Kadee was crucial to my new walk in life.

~US Navy Veteran


"Being abused and deeply scarred emotionally and physically during adolescence, I naturally attracted abusive and toxic relationships like a magnet most of my adult life. Since Kadee has helped me learn to truly love myself, I have been able to transform my life from daily abuse, chaos and poverty into a life that is peaceful and abundant. I even lost 40 lbs without even trying!"

~ S. Snow


"I got home last night and I was physically and mentally exhausted, really drained; and yet I felt more light-hearted than I had been in many months. In the face of a difficult and painful point in my life, I had a Coaching Session with Kadee. Her sincerity, kindness, and genuine spirituality brought me catharsis. She guided me to a new perspective and an empowerment that helped me realize that I could deal with the changes ahead. Thank you Kadee! May your strength, faith, and kindness touch many others."

~ L.K. DSc



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