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Sister Kadee

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I'm 15, laying on my deathbed with spinal meningitis. After the doctors told my parents I had a one percent chance to survive on Christmas Eve, my grandfather laid hands on me and prayed to Jesus, and I start getting better on Christmas Day! Most survivors live with being blind, deaf, brain damaged, paralyzed, and with loss of limb. I knew God spared me for a greater purpose even though my home life was toxic, and feeling extrememly uncomfortable at many different churches I felt I could never be good enough to integrate into their world of religiousity. I am unable to deny my experience and calling to serve Jesus, so I set out to work as an independent missionary by faith alone at the age of 18, and I spent several years traveling the USA, transforming the lives of thousands of youth at risk all across our country, but inside I longed for a lasting family, as those I served came and left about their own lives.

At 25 I find myself married to a man who ended up being very controlling and abusive, just like my father. Constant put downs, arguing, and toxic drama over the silliest things. No matter how hard I try, I am never good enough, for anyone. Spinning my wheels again in a toxic Hell that I once escaped, I'm lost to my purpose in life. I put my head down to do what I had to do to survive and keep my children with their father...  until, I'm arrested, sitting in a holding cell. FINALLY, I’m realizing how serious my situation is, fearing for my life and the lives of my children, and I have this epiphany… a thought that would not leave me. The officer who arrested me was an extension of God’s hand… standing in the gap between good and evil, my life and death. Even though the charges were dropped and he should have been the one who was arrested in my mind... again... God used this officer to reach down into the pit of my personal Hell and pluck me up out of it, so I could see from a different perspective. 

Having nowhere to turn for help, I spent the next four months at a DV Shelter in Tucson, AZ. Thoroughly involving myself in their classes, I learned how to set  healthy boundaries and the red flags to look for in abusers and toxic relationships. 

I’m thinking to myself, WOW, what am I going to do with my life? Preparing to take on my future and purpose with a vengeance, I set out alone, by faith alone again. I am a single mom, in the heart of crime infested Tucson, with no one but my 3 oldest children. Holding a full time job through this all, I got us a place, and decided to go to college so I could have the credibility and knowledge necessary to help me transform God’s calling and purpose for my life into a viable business that served others.

God brought a Combat Medic into our lives to love and protect us. He worked in Iraq and Afghanistan until his pelvis was crushed by a vehicle flipping from an IED. Having a rough time reintegrating back into civilian life and finding effective care to support him in overcoming his traumatic mental, physical and spiritual wounds, we faced both of our challenges vigilantly with what we had.

As I was earning my degree, diploma, and certifications, my practice was applied to our own lives. Over 20 years of Bible Study and Spiritual Healing, Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, Mind-Body Wellness, Holistic Nutrition, and Professional Life Coaching. Both of our lives would never be the same.

When we met he was engulfed in pills, experiencing chronic back pain, daily migraines, insomnia, and suffering daily with the effects of PTSD. He now continues to live his purpose with honor enjoying an abundant, pain free, pill free life, and I have put over 20 years of experience, training and education into creating Life, Liberty & Happiness Ministry to empower USA HEROES to be as powerful and effective at home and in their daily lives as they are on duty.


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