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There is a new HERO in the world today, and that HERO...

is YOU!

You have answered the call of duty. You are destined with a great purpose in life, being ordained by God as an extension of His hand, standing in the gap between good and evil, the innocent and guilty, life and death.

The New Hero in the world is a Military Veteran who makes the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. It's the Law Enforcement Officer that vigilantly protects and serves. It's the Firefighter and First Responder who de-escalates disaster and trauma, and the EMS worker who saves life. It's the Search And Rescue Professional who can't sleep until the lost are recovered, and the Dispatcher, who receives cries for help.   

 It's you.

The problem is finding quality, confidential, timely care and support that not only understands what you do or have done, but holds you accountable in all areas of the future of your personal Life, Liberty & Happiness. 

Another big challenge is integrating with a society that doesn't understand your purpose, yet are sheltered by your service making it difficult to live your purpose with honor amongst them.

Heroes have been revered by civilizations throughout the ages as those who made great sacrifices, putting their lives at risk for the greater good. They often strove within military, religious or other moral conquests and to uphold an impeccable honor code.

In modern literature we find too often a superhuman, mythological or legendary figure depicted as the Hero. This is cause for it to feel so humbling to be labeled as such, and has also created a challenge for citizens to revere you in your role of duty.


In my system, The Life, Liberty & Happiness Blueprint, there are 6 steps that empower and inspire co-creation of the life you deserve with trauma aware, Bible based solutions for the Veteran and First Responder community. 


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“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do.

The hard part is doing it.”

– General Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army


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